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Make money with real estate property

castleGone are the days when buying real estate meant you were purchasing a place for you and your family to live. 

Today, one of the most popular ways of investing involves the purchasing of commercial or residential property in order to generate a better monthly cash flow and possibly save towards retirement.

Granted, investors will encounter increased personal income tax implications, but there are tax deduction benefits to help offset that.  Besides that, real estate has been a consistent revenue generator for centuries now, thousands of years even.

This is not a new product like binary options and even if you use the best binary options broker, this is just risky short-term speculation with no value-added.

On the contrary real estate is for the long term and there is real value in it. And investor create value when then buy under-priced old properties that they modernize in order to offer a comfortable dwelling to the future occupants. Option trading or intraday stock trading does not create anything at all.


We listed our suggestions for making money through the purchase of real estate properties below in the hopes that if you are financially able to pursue one of these, you may realize some sizeable gains on that investment in the near to distant future:

Consider investing in rental properties – if you have the financial means and the ability to purchase and maintain a rental property, you can generate an excellent monthly cash flow and be building equity in that property that you can apply to your retirement years.  On the other, if you have the financial means to afford a property manager, which will make things less stressful for you in the long run.

Become a part of a property investment group – these function similar to the way in which a smaller mutual fund works.  You and several other investors are pooling your money in order to invest in potentially profitable properties instead of bonds, money-market securities, or stocks.  As with mutual funds, you might want to consider hiring a fund manager for this.  Additionally, you can include constructing new properties in this method.

Trading real estate properties – this is probably the most risky and wilder side of investing in property.  This is a whole different breed of animal compared to investing as a landlord in rental properties because you will be more like a stock market day-trader rather than a real estate investor.  Properties are purchased in the hopes of turning a quick profit on their investments.  Unfortunately, this carries a high risk element with it as the potential for loss is there as well as the potential for sizeable gain.

“Flipping” homes – this doesn’t mean turning the home upside down as the name would imply.  It is the art of purchasing a home, sinking some minor capital into its refurbishing, and then selling it quickly.  Most “flippers” try to accomplish this within a 4-6 week period.